• About Us

      A&M Financial Consulting comprises both young, enthusiastic, innovative specialists and internationally qualified experienced individuals. Our mission, vision and values: People: Be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be. Portfolio: Provide high quality services to satisfy our customers’ current and latent needs. Efficiency: Be an effective innovative and fast growing company. Customers: Create beneficiary values and business relations based on mutual confidence. Environment: Be socially responsible and competent citizens who enhance and sustain the economic and financial infrastructure of Armenia.
  • Series of workshops for “Houso Aygi” program

    The cooperation between AMF Consulting and Young Women Charitable Foundation (YWCF) manifested in a series of workshops “Basics of entrepreneurship” of “Houso Aygi” program from March to July of this year. The workshops purpose was to give general idea about entrepreneurship and initial practical knowledge. The workshop participants, who have presented business plans, received certificates from AMF Consulting.

    The partnership between AMF Consulting and YWCF will continue in the new academic year...